At Oil Field Trailers, we design, build, and sell mobile solutions for the need of toilets, showers, handwashing, clothes washing. These trailers provide sanitary services for use in oil fields, construction sites, and more.

Types of Sanitation Trailers

A clothes washing trailer has its layout set up so there is enough space for the stackable washers/dryers. It also has counters and cabinets for folding and storing clothes. The shower trailers are set up to allow enough space for up to 16 showers, depending on the size of the trailer. Although, if the shower trailer has 12 showers or less, it can be set up to include toilets and sinks, too. Restroom trailers have a layout that allows the most amount of toilets and sinks in the size of the trailer, up to 10 sets. However, it does not include any showers. Handwashing trailers accommodate large numbers of people who need to wash their hands at the same time. This is extremely useful during the current Covid-19 outbreak, where everyone must stay socially distant and continue to wash their hands.

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Our sanitation trailers include restroom trailers, shower trailers, laundry trailers, and handwashing trailers. Restroom trailers may have up to 10 toilets and sinks. Shower trailers may have up to 16 showers, depending on the size of the trailer. Laundry trailers may have up to 14 sets of stackable washers and dryers. Handwashing trailers may have up to 16 sinks, 8 on the left and right sides of the trailer. All trailers except for the handwashing trailers are interior trailers. The handwashing trailers open from the outside to use the sinks. The inside of the handwashing trailers is used for the fresh water storage tank, the pressure tank, the water heaters, the pumps, and all plumbing. For more information on handwashing trailers, visit