Laundry Trailers

Oil Field Trailers designs, builds, and offers laundry trailers for sale from our assembly factory. The laundry trailers have 7 different floor plans to offer. Firstly, the 16 ft model allows 5 stackable sets of washers/dryers. Secondly, the 22 ft model allows 6 stackable sets of washers/dryers. Thirdly, the 24 ft model allows 7 sets of stackable washers/dryers. Fourthly, the 30 ft model allows 9 sets of stackable washers/dryers. Fifthly, the 33 ft and 38 ft models both allow 10 sets of stackable washers/dryers, but the 38 ft model has a larger fresh water tank to allow more washer run time without refilling the water. Finally, the 42 ft model allows 14 sets of stackable washers/dryers.

laundry trailers

Laundry Trailer Features

Each laundry trailer can withstand long term use. Along with an oversized steel chassis with steel tube floor joints, one piece of washable fiberglass forms the walls. Additionally, each trailer has a seamless, dent proof fiberglass exterior wall. An easy to clean, optional fiberglass poly roof is available on all trailers. Also, non-slip rubber flooring comes standard. This is to reduce accidents and injury from falling. LED lighting comes standard as it requires low maintenance. Built-in folding tables are available to be installed. Longer folding trailers are standard on longer trailers. Linen storage cabinets are also included, so it is possible to wash, dry, and fold hundreds of loads of laundry.

Grey water is collected in a large waste holding tanks in the chassis. On-demand water heaters are offered along with portable LP gas holding tanks to heat the water without needing a tank to store it. City water connections and waste tank dump valve are also included. For more information about laundry trailers, visit For more types of trailers, visit Living Quarters Trailers.

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