Living Quarters Trailers

Living quarters trailers offer a variety of specialty trailers built and offered for sale. Therefore, these types of trailers function in many places, including oil fields and construction sites. For example, a living quarters trailer categorises as a bunk house trailer. Further, a bunk house trailer allows for a larger number of crew members to sleep in the trailers by double stacking the beds. Consequently, this saves a lot of space and allows more room for other aspects of the trailer, including storage, restroom space, and kitchen space.

Another example of living quarters trailers is mud logging trailers. Certainly, mud logging trailers offer custom floor plans to meet your needs. This allows the customer to request a trailer for their necessities without worrying about getting unnecessary rooms. Finally, an example of living quarters trailers is a supervisor trailer. As can be seen, the supervisor trailers provide enough space to allow a supervisor to live in the trailer while managing oil field sites.  Additionally, this also allows the supervisor to move the trailer as needed, like moving from one on-site location to another. Also, all trailers have a kitchen, a restroom, and a bedroom available.

living quarter trailers


Another type of trailer to be used at oil fields is a testing and monitoring trailer. This trailer includes room for testing equipment, working countertops, and a restroom. Additionally, available options include heating and cooling for the trailer, deep testing sinks, and stereos. Standard floor plans efficiently allow space when possible, while still allowing comfortable use of the space. Which means, there will be enough space in every room for testing and monitoring, but not too much room that there is no more space for any other room. More specialty trailers are available at