We design and manufacture bunk house trailers in sizes ranging from 16 feet to 32 feet. In particular, we offer the bunk bed trailers in four sizes. Consequently, our standard floor plans are six-man, ten-man, fourteen-man, and eighteen-man bunk house trailers. Another key point, every floor plan includes the double bunk beds and storage for items of clothing. For more information, click here.


Bunk Bed Trailer Uses

You can use the bunk bed trailer for many different applications. First, disaster relief is common for these bunk bed trailers. There, the trailer is used when an emergency requires immediate accommodations for displaced residents or for reconstruction workers. Also, traveling crews such as roofing, or construction contractors utilize the bunk house trailer.  Additionally, uses for the trailers include circus employees who constantly travel or oil field workers in remote locations.  Because the bunk house trailers are mobile, they can be moved quickly to different locations. Therefore, they are suitable for use in man camps, as rig houses, in disaster relief support, as lodging for fire fighters, and as crew quarters on construction sites.

Bunk Bed Trailer Features

In addition, bunk house trailers floor plans may have showers, restrooms, kitchenettes, or even lounge rooms. Furthermore, every mobile bunk house is engineered to provide a comfortable and safe environment with air conditioning and heating for even the most extreme environments.  Additionally, each trailer has double stacked bunk beds with room for storage. All trailers with bunk beds have a heavy-duty chassis with tires and axles to allow it to be quickly and safely moved. In addition to full insulation, we offer both cooling systems, and with heating systems to prevent water freeze-ups. While we can build restrooms into the bunk house floor plan consider supplementing the sleeping rooms with a separate trailer with restrooms.  Additional living quarter trailers available for review.


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