For over 20 years Oil Field Trailers manufacturing plant designs and builds oil field trailers for sale. Our factory located in Indiana builds these trailers for sale. A wide range of rugged and reliable trailers feature multiple uses. As an example, trailers constructed with just living quarters and trailers with just bathrooms and showers fill the production line. Additionally, trailers designed to provide room for break time and lunch time offer mulitiple uses.  In other words, oil field trailers for sale keep the worker cool and dry at down time. Consequently, the trailers are not just limited to the oil fields. These trailers complement settings such as disaster relief and for construction sites. Finally, these trailers sell directly for use as mud logging and well monitoring mobile offices. For more information, click here.

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For example, rigging sites incorporate the Oil Field Trailers floor plans for the oil field trailers for sale to meet their needs.  All types of trailers are models are built and offered for sale for multiple uses. Another example, trailers start with bunk beds for sleeping to shower rooms with safety drench showers.  For example, restroom trailers are built and offered for sale in models such as two station trailer with restrooms.

Additionally, another sample of trailers for sale only have shower and toilets in the model.  Other examples include a much larger 10 station restroom with male dominated floor plan.   Above all, these trailers are industrial in design with features such as diamond plate interior wall coverings.  Additional features include a large I beam chassis structure and full insulation packages.  Lastly, features of the trailers for sale are heating systems to withstand the harshest conditions. Most importantly, man camps can be set up with these construction site trailers for sale.


Certainly, for the large man camps we also offer sleeping trailers with bunk beds.  These trailers offer multiple sleeping bunks with storage below. For example, there are trailers with six stacked bunk beds and an optional restroom. Also, the trailers are built with showers which have holding tanks in the trailer.  These trailers offer multiple sleeping bunks with storage below and can be designed and built with restrooms and holding tanks in the trailer.

Also, there are trailers we build and offer for sale which just have bunk beds.  Above all, standard oil field trailer floor plans meet your special drill camp requirements.  For more information contact one of our product managers.

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