Oil Field Trailers designs, builds, and offers cool down trailers for sale from standard floor plans. In fact, the cool down trailer is described as a crew trailer because it is used in rugged environments for relief from the elements. Most importantly, the crew trailer contains cooling air conditioner for the extreme heat of summer oil field use. Additionally, the trailer is offered with electric or gas heat for wintertime use.

cool down trailer interior

Cool Down Trailer Configuration

All cool down trailers offer maximum use of space for productivity. For example, this break room trailer offers a location for a microwave for the break snack or lunch meal. Firstly, the cool down trailer includes comfortable bench seats on both sides of the trailer for the employees. Secondly, the front end of the trailer allows an area of cabinets for storage. Additionally, the front of the trailer features a microwave and a refrigerator. Also, the driver side provides a location for a water cooler or storage lockers for the crew. Finally, coat hooks provide access along the rear wall for jackets.

Crew Trailer Key Features

The crew trailer includes many key features. For example, oversized tandem axles and a steel chassis frame comes standard. Additionally, electric brakes installed on both axles allow the tow vehicle to safely activate with the truck brakes. Thirdly, safety chains included with the trailer allow for emergency preparedness and upgraded radial tires included. Finally, the stabilizer jacks mounted on the trailer provide stability when the trailer is set up.

Cool Down Trailer Durability

The cool down trailer is both durable and rugged. The exterior is a dent resistant, one-piece fiberglass exterior walls, and is trimmed with a heavy aluminum corner and roof edging. Exterior roofs can come with a mold resistant poly/fiberglass roof. In addition, the bowed trussed roof allows for the water or snow to roll off rather than remain on top. While the entrance doors include a wide frame and a durable door, they also light well with a LED porch light. Beside the door is a flip out exterior grab handle and below the door features fold out entrance steps. A mini gutter and mini spouts divert water from the roof edge. Additionally, interior electrical receipts allow for computer laptops for classroom trailer sessions. Finally, mounting fold down workstation counter tops can allow workspace for the crew.

The trailer is a tremendously mobile tool for the oil field industry. Additionally, the cool down trailer comes fully insulated to conserve energy costs. Both the interior and exterior include low maintenance LED lights. That is to say the lights do not have light bulbs which can burn out and need changed. Importantly, the exterior transport lights are both US Department of Transportation approved and Transport Canada approved. Whether the trailer is just for a place to get out of the weather or as a classroom, this trailer helps with your business needs.  Link to see additional trailers with living quarters. For more types of trailers, visit